Wall Murals

Wall Murals, a Great Solution

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Whether you manage an office space, a showroom, or events around the Houston area, large printed wall murals will add a new dimension to your space. Using photography, logos, graphic patterns, and other custom artwork, you can take your branding to a new level by transforming white walls with exciting and beautiful imagery relevant to your business.

Extend Your Branding

Perhaps your business needs some attention grabbing curb appeal as potential customers drive passed a large vacant wall every day. Maybe you are looking at options for displaying your company’s logo in the lobby and add some textural color and graphics to the space. Or you want to bring a space to life with images that showcase your brand’s lifestyle. SS Graphics is capable of printing your branded artwork at the necessary size for your space. Our team will work with you on a design that fits your unique needs.

Evoke Responses

Inspire your employees with vivid colors, images, and messages displayed in common areas that reinforce your brand and corporate culture. Grab customers’ attention to help create a call to action. No matter how bold or subtle, visual communication in the work environment can have positive effects on mood and attitude of everyone passing through the space every day. A lively environment with the right level of visual stimulation can mean a difference between employees feeling lukewarm about their jobs and excited about being at work each day.

Where Can You Use Wall Murals?

Printed wall murals have versatile applications:

  • Outdoor municipal spaces
  • Office interiors
  • Temporary walls for events
  • Trade show displays and booths
  • Auto dealership showrooms
  • School common areas
  • Museum exhibits
  • Interior design for residences


Wall murals are printed on large sheets that can be affixed for temporary placement or permanent positioning. Two primary options exist for adherence: peel-and-stick self-adhesive backed vinyl sheets, and wallpaper-like sheets mounted with paste.


Unlike traditional painting methods, which require closing down the space and a crew to do the work, let alone a specialized mural artist to hand paint the artwork, installing a printed wall mural requires minimal time and disruption. A printed mural can be mounted in one evening or a day off so the business experiences no downtime. If you decide to redesign a room, the printed mural can be moved to a new location if a temporary installation process was used.

Contact SS Graphics for more information on costs, installation, and print options for wall murals in Houston.