Fleet Graphics

The Benefits and Opportunities of Fleet Wrapping

Increase Brand Awareness With Fleet Graphics

Based on location and populous, a branded vehicle can receive upwards of ten thousand impressions per day. According to a study authorized by the American Trucking Association, a wrapped vehicle gained more than 65,000 visual impressions per day while in a major metropolis and over 30,000 visual impressions per day in a suburban area.

The reason impressions are so high is because this marketing medium is so portable, which means new eyes are always on it. Whether a wrapped vehicle is seen on the highway, in a neighborhood, or parked on the side of the street, new potential customers are streaming past it and registering your brand.

The same study polled consumers and found that 98% of those surveyed felt that fleet graphics create a positive corporate image. 96% of those surveyed believe fleet graphics have more impact than any other form of outdoor marketing media. Those statistics are even more impressive when compared to the cost of more traditional marketing tools.

ROI of Fleet Wrapping

A fleet wrap can last up to five years depending on the type of vehicle and the frequency with which it is used. So, if the cost of a fleet wrapped vehicle is divided into the length of time it will be in commission, and that number is compared to the yearly impressions and conversions gained the ROI of fleet wrapping is relatively low.

A TV commercial or billboard run for as long as a company is willing to pay the upkeep. Fleet wraps provide a 24/7/365 portable billboard for a one-time investment. And when the wrap starts to wear, or company branding evolves, unwrapping a vehicle is much less expensive than re-painting one.

SS Graphics offers services for fleets of any size, from local businesses to national corporations. They guarantee brand consistency by sending their full-time, specialized installation team to wherever their client’s fleets reside.

Unique Full-Service Fleet Graphics

Whether it’s adhering a logo or a full graphic design to a fleet of vehicles, SS Graphics helps their clients every step of the way – from conceptualizing their brand message to installing the fleet wrap. When deciding whether or not to wrap a fleet, it is beneficial to consider the possible benefits and opportunities that wrapping can offer. SS Graphics does more than just design fleet graphics in Houston for their clients, they also print and install them. Their full-service offering can create and apply customized wraps for:

  • Tanker trailers
  • Bob tails
  • Box trucks
  • Pick-ups
  • Vans
  • Box trailers
  • Tractor trailers