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About Us

In 1964, “The Sign Store” was created by H.E. Eckles. H.E. Eckles had 15 years of previous experience selling signs for a large fortune-200 company. After much research, he decided to not just sell the signs for another company, but to make the signs himself! With a small vacuum-forming machine in his garage, he manufactured and installed his own signs for large retail companies across the nation.

When H.E. Eckles’ son-in-law Richard Johnson Sr. joined the family, he hopped right into the sign business. In 1975 Richard Johnson Sr. began running The Sign Store. As the wave of technology was changing, the Sign Store stayed on top of the movement and began specializing in channel letter and builder signs.

Expanding its client-base, Richard Johnson Jr. continued the legacy of this family-owned and operated company in 1999. As the sign business was morphing across the nation, The Sign Store began to manufacture and design banners, decals, car wraps, fleet graphics and more. The Sign Store specialized in a complete graphics package reaching companies and organizations beyond what the name “The Sign Store” represented. It was in 2010 that “SS Graphics” (short for Sign Store Graphics) originated. To date, Richard Johnson Jr. continues to manage and own SS Graphics, a growing, innovative graphics company in the Greater Houston Area.

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Why Choose SS Graphics?

SS Graphics has the ability to help a corporation in a variety of ways. We specialize in transit graphics, fleet and car wraps, environmental graphics, wall murals, floor graphics, table and counter top wraps, window perforation, signs, banners, decals and much more!

SS Graphics is unique in its ability to design, print and install products for our customers. Our design staff has over 50 years of combined design experience. They can assist you in creating designs to specifically address your company’s needs for each project. We house only environmentally friendly printers. Our installation team is comprised of 3M preferred full-time employees who individually specialize in installing various products. The installers travel throughout the nation to deliver and install graphics for our clients.

We will effortlessly guide you through the process of creating your tailor-made products on any budget and timeline. We ensure that you will feel the family-owned roots of this company through our exquisite costumer service. Quality is our top priority and we know that you will be 100% satisfied with your custom projects.

We look forward to helping you drive YOUR business with SS Graphics.


  1. Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce Member
  2. Small Business Enterprise Certified
  3. 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  4. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni